Origin of our products names

For us, nothing is more important than family, we decided to honor it by naming our items by the first names of our nephews and nieces and of course our children! To each their own personality, each piece can oddly correspond to certain traits of these little (and bigger) kids that we love so much.

For us, nothing is more important than family, we decided to honor it by naming our items by the first names of our nephews and nieces and of course our children! To each their own personality, each piece can oddly correspond to certain traits of these little (and bigger) kids that we love so much.


Édouard, Suzie's eldest son

From the moment he was born, Édouard was an observant baby, very analytical and reassuringly calm. A more than perfect first baby! As time went by, he kept his calm and reserved personality, while proving to be a real little clown at times! Very independent from an early age, he never ceases to impress us with his intelligence. And once the ice is broken, this charming little man leaves no one indifferent.

Arielle, Suzie's daughter

Arielle is a real little CHIPIE! Two eyes and two arms aren't enough to keep up with her and ward off all her nasty tricks! Adoooorable and always in a good mood, she's a baby with an infectious smile. Already a little charmer at just 14 months old, she has plenty of character and personality ahead of her! She'll easily make her own way.

Samuel, Catherine's eldest son

Very observant and shy, he takes his time and analyzes situations before jumping in. He's a sweet little boy who loves to cuddle while shouting loudly for his independence. He's a little clown who loves to make us laugh, get excited, sing and dance. Like his parents, he stops at nothing to go out and play - he can't get enough. He never complains, and his stamina is always surprising, whatever the weather.


Hubert, Catherine's youngest son

He's as easygoing as he is temperamental. As long as he can explore, see his brother or his dog and eat, he's happy. Smiling, sociable, mischievous, funny and intense, he's a big guy with a heart of gold.


The eldest daughter in the family, she's now a teenager! A tall, curly brunette with swarthy skin, she's natural and completely gorgeous. Very sporty, there's no stopping her. Sportswear is clearly a major part of her wardrobe!


A delicate little princess who loves to sing, dance and put on a show, she has an overflowing imagination. She loves pretty things and always brightens up our days!


Léa is a little girl who is strong, determined, hard-working, resourceful and, at the same time, very sensitive. She's one of my goddaughters and impresses me every time we spend time together. Especially when I've won UNO 10 times and she's still smiling!


Liana... She's simply gorgeous, with her deep, almost black hair and eyes. Always smiling and cheerful, her pride is as great as her beauty. Mixed with an iron tenacity, her strength of character can take her anywhere she wants to go.



A real clown and definitely the most sociable of the family, she's a seasoned gymnast with a big, sensitive heart. She loves to put all her energy into sports and is a little fashionista with a rebellious soul. With all the air she moves, her radiant looks and contagious laugh, her list of admirers is already very long!


Adoring the comfort of warmth, our quilted cotton couldn't have a better name. Éléanore is a real little flower in the process of blooming, revealing new facets of her original, colorful personality day by day! Although shy, Éléanore likes to be daring and different.


A strong little woman who knows her place! A gorgeous little curly lioness with piercing eyes, she'll stop at nothing. Third in her family, she'll never stay in the shadow of her brother or sisters.


It was clear to me that our rubber bands would be named Victor. Victor is the eldest in a family of 4. Always ready to help, he's big, capable and wants his family to unite, whether directly or extended. Victor is a unifier and wants to be surrounded by his family.



An artist at heart, Emma is a creative young woman who impresses with her many talents. Painting, drawing and gymnastics are just some of the hobbies in which she excels. Magnificent and generous, we can't help but be charmed by her beautiful smile and deep blue eyes.


Don't be fooled by her miniature size and shy demeanor: at 3 apples tall, our beloved little "memine" is quick to take her place and stand out from the crowd. A real little horned angel, Jasmine is a lovable, ultra-attractive little girl who loves to put on a show and act like a clown! Just as gorgeous as her big sister Emma, she's sure to break hearts!


Alexia is a young girl who exudes strength and sturdiness. Beautiful, tall and sturdy, she has always shown an astonishing maturity for her age. Blessed with kindness and a heart as big as dirt, she's always willing to help others. Always full of energy, she loves to move around and play outside with friends, rain or shine.



Shy and reserved, Maxim is a gentle, calm young man who doesn't want to be noticed! A great natural sportsman, he succeeds in everything ... field hockey, basketball, badminton, name it! A nature lover who follows in his father's footsteps, he's been a fan of hunting, fishing and trapping since childhood. Maxim is a responsible teenager and big brother you can count on.


A big, strapping, handsome fellow, Nathan is a softy on the inside! No matter what his age or size, he's always able to wring a few glues out of us with a wry smile! The mix of shyness and curiosity in his personality gives him a mysterious air...for a moment! Just as energetic as his sister Alexia, we had trouble keeping him in place for a long time! With everything going for him, Nathan is a brilliant young man who learns with ease.