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Because we truly believe in finally offering an incomparable product to the mothers of today and tomorrow. We are convinced of the high quality of our products, designed for performance with finally a style comparable to current sports fashion while having great respect for the environment, which is really important to us.

With RÉVÉLATION, we are therefore presenting sustainable, scalable products, suitable for mothers at all stages of their maternity, including breastfeeding! Before, during and after pregnancy, clothes are designed to follow you for years. Because waste and fast fashion, we don't like that. Because paying a lot for maternity clothes made in a sleazy factory on the other side of the world with poor quality fabrics just doesn't sit well with us.

Because we want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in all your activities. Because we want to help you continue your favorite activities if you have any envy! Because clothes shouldn't be a problem for sports, the outdoors, or just being comfortable.

To all mums, nursing mothers and future mums, here is REVELATION, the line of maternity sportswear you've always dreamed of!

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