Our history

4U is our common baby. It's our beautiful project and we worked a lot until the birth of our company.

Being two sport lovers, wearing comfortable and qualitative sportswear has always been essential for us. When we became pregnant, we quickly realized that there were almost nothing available on the market for moms to be. The few offerings were very often overpriced considering the duration of use ,and the products did not correspond to our tastes or our needs. Business projects had been running through Catherine's head for several years while Suzie had always dreamed of developing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Already co-workers as paramedics, we took yoga classes together during our first pregnancy, and the subject about the lack of sportswear came up several times. After giving birth (in the same 24 hours, Suzie at 41 weeks and Cath at 38, what an impossible coincidence!!!), our friendship grew even stronger since we now shared a common experience… being a first-time mom at the same time! True to our healthy lifestyles, we registered for various postpartum physical activity courses. We were still facing the issue to find the right type of attires as we were needing to breastfeed two newborns several times a day while our bodies were still changing.

One day, Suzie simply said; “Hey Cath, we should create maternity/nursing sportswear!”

Catherine didn't need more to get started!

From there, began 3 busy years to set up our company. Two young entrepreneurs full of determination,  dealing with families, return to work, entrepreneurship courses... then the pandemic, each one a new baby... we wanted to give up on multiple occasions facing a thousand obstacles, but in the end we did it and today we are so proud to finally offer you the fruit of all this hardwork!